GPS Tracking for Personal Vehicles

GPS Tracking is the time tested & proven way to protect your vehicle! GPS uses a network of satellites in orbit around the Earth. At any time, from any location on the planet, GPS receivers once connected to above satellites, would be capable of receiving signals. This means that tracking devices can be used at any moment in time. Once the device is installed in a vehicle it will communicate with the satellites and transmit the following information: latitude, longitude, altitude, time and velocity. The location data is transmitted via cellular network (GSM) using the GPRS technology to the online server where it is translated and transmitted to you via SMS. The process repeats as the vehicle moves and the unit constantly updates the location information.

Our mission is to provide you with the ability to instantly locate your valuables or loved ones. Our advanced GPS Tracking solutions and tracking devices work anywhere in Trinidad & Tobago and at anytime giving you peace of mind.

Our AUTOLOC devices allow you to be alerted via text message if your car is tampered with, may it be vibrations or impacts, illegal door opening, illegal movement, such as being towed or stolen, ignition tampering and vehicle battery theft.

Standard features for our AUTOLOC device include:

  • Ability to Shutdown your vehicle if stolen
  • Microphone to listen in on conversations inside the vehicle
  • Vehicle battery theft alert
  • Automatic vehicle location on vehicle battery theft & vehicle shutdown
  • Back-up device battery
  • Automatic phone call from device to customer to alert of vehicle tampering
  • Unauthorized door open alert
  • Unauthorized vehicle start alert
  • Unauthorized vehicle movements alert by towing or theft
  • Smart phone / Google Maps compatible (view your vehicle on Google maps)
  • Compatible with ALL vehicles & heavy equipment
  • Compatible with 12 volt vehicles
  • Amount of mobile numbers that can receive vehicle tamper text messages – FIVE NUMBERS (5)
  • Ability to track online

Retail price for our AUTOLOC GPS Device is TT$1,000. This is inclusive of a SIM card, installation costs, and is a one-time payment. WE COME TO TO YOU, no need to worry about time, losing time from work etc, we come, do the install, demonstrate and receive payment. There are NO MONTHLY FEES!

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