GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

Why Use A GPS Fleet Tracking Service?
Whether your company has a few or many vehicles, managing a fleet can be costly. Fuel, maintenance and operating costs can quickly add up and time lost from inefficient, dishonest and unsafe drivers can be a challenge for any company. A GPS fleet tracking service can help keep those costs in check and your employees honest and efficient by helping you to monitor their whereabouts and routines on the road.

A fleet management system can alert managers when drivers turn away from their designated route or when they make unauthorized stops. Our devices also indicate the amount of time a vehicle is idling and alert you to any unsafe driving habits such as excessive speed.

We offer a variety of online tracking solutions for companies interested in fleet management to meet budgeting needs.
Why should you consider GPS Protection for your company?

  • Helps to Stop Private Jobs
  • Help reduce insurance premiums
  • Assists in improving the mobile aspect of your operations
  • Anti- theft protection
  • Protection, control & efficiency of company assets and cargo
  • Vehicle location, speed and direction of travel that can be viewed at any time by simply logging onto our secure Online Tracking platform.
  • Live tracking and monitoring of Vehicles, personnel and assets from any computer with Internet access, at any location worldwide
  • Information that is displayed in user-friendly maps and reports, which can be customized to your unique requirements

Online Tracking Platform Features:
Our Online Tracking platform offers a real time view of a vehicle’s location with a variety of reports and stores vehicle history for a maximum of (3) three months.

  • Ability to see ALL, SOME or ONE tracked asset in real time inclusive of speed and direction
  • Detailed mapping data- e.g. closest corner, landmark, street, city/town/village and electoral district
  • Multiple User Accounts/ Multiple Login Options
  • Ability to save Key locations or Landmarks
  • Maintenance Module – Automatic reminders for tune ups etc.
  • Ability to immobilize your vehicle in case of theft
  • Mobile version of online tracking platform
  • Vehicle battery theft alerts
  • Geo fencing Module – Ability to determine when a vehicle enters or exits a defined area
  • Multiple Report Options downloadable to Microsoft Office

o Alarm Report: Battery Disconnect, Geo Fence- In & Out report, Excessive Idle Alarm, Movement Alarm, Speed Alarm
o Historical Reports
o Speed Reports
o Trip Reports
o Summary History Report
o Additional Reports are available

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